Building & Resource Consents

We specialise in providing expert engineering input and reporting, to ensure all the factual boxes are ticked for your building resource consent application.

A lot of engineering projects require a resource or building consent from your council. If your project will affect your community or environment, or you’re planning on building beyond a simple patio, you’ll need to contact your council for consents.

Building and resource consent applications can be a difficult and expensive process, and tackling it alone is a daunting prospect.

Here to help

With a professional and experienced team to guide you through the application, weeks of stressful paperwork, halting timelines, and extra processing costs can be eliminated from later in the process.

We specialise in providing expert engineering input and reporting for your application, to ensure all the factual boxes are ticked.

Denied consent?

If your council has denied consent for your project, we can help address the problems, including determining if any issues are minor or exempt, and designing engineering mitigation solutions so that your project can get underway.

Start your project with:


  • Engineering reports for evidence in resource and building consent application

  • Project-specific expert advice

  • Assessment of impacts for denied consents

  • Mitigation designs for denied consents

  • Assessment or Environmental Effects (AEE) reporting

  • Proof of house sites and serviceability for subdivision resource consent application