LDE … It’s not just about fascinating work and learning – it’s about having a great time doing it!

You’ll find LDE’s vibrant culture a real attraction – interesting intelligent people from a diverse range of backgrounds and inspiring interests to contribute to the rich mix of work and play.

Paramount to LDE is a holistic view of employee growth and wellbeing, and the lessons are not just learned in the office. Every team member’s unique skills are tapped into with organised and impromptu get-togethers and field trips where all manner of topics are explored, solutions suggested and theories presented and validated.

Our country is incredible with diverse landscapes, geology, structures and environment with unlimited opportunities for adventure and exploration. Blend that immense variety in with the freedom of autonomy and self-direction and LDE’s understanding of the importance of family, lifestyle and outdoor pursuits and you’ll find the atmosphere truly uplifting.

Laughter is without doubt a key ingredient for the LDE team.