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About LDE

About Us

LDE is an NZ-owned consulting company specialising in geotechnical, civil, and structural engineering, as well as geology and environmental sciences.

We also have growing Geophysics capability that bridges the gap between our engineering consulting teams and our Explore ground investigation, service location and CPT drilling teams.

From advising councils on liquefaction, landslides and their assets, designing roads and infrastructure, to providing engineering for walls, homes and elaborate structures – LDE can help.

In addition to our technical expertise, using resources sustainably is as important to us as it is to our clients.  Our recommendations provide solutions for today and are future-proofed for tomorrow.

Our team gets out in the field and deep into the data to give you the information needed to make good decisions.  Furthermore, you'll be kept in the loop at every step with practical reports in plain English.  

We know your timeframe and budget's importance.  Therefore, our advice is fast, smart and cost-effective.

LDE Clients

LDE clients are individuals and organisations (public and private) with large and small projects. LDE values our small clients and aims to provide all clients with the same quality service.

LDE has a significant partner/client network of architecture, survey, planning, urban design, landscape, and engineering firms.

LDE History

LDE was first established in Gisborne in 2004.

A young bohemian Engineer, Georg Winkler, had grown tired of Auckland’s hustle and bustle and what it had to offer.  Yearning for a surf, Georg moved to Gisborne and set up LDE.  It was a coming home of sorts, Georg was born and bred in Wairoa, and if Wairoa had access to the outstanding surf beaches that Gisborne does, then he might have kept travelling down the road 80 minutes or so.

Georg was a renowned published engineering scholar and had been exposed to some of Aotearoa’s bigger Engineering companies.  He knew what he liked and had strong opinions about what worked and didn’t.  His working methods resulted in a company culture that many still enjoy today.

Gisborne was the home of LDE at the start and remains to this day.  LDE is one of the bigger Gisborne exports, which wasn’t achieved by accident.  First, the Gisborne office grew, and then other offices were added.  Warkworth and Napier were the next major offices to come online.  Kerikeri, Whangārei and Auckland Central followed, initially run by team members of other offices who had decided to move to different locations but were still happy to have a little LDE in their lives. 

In 2017 new owners were introduced.  There was 25 staff at the time, and the recipe was slightly tweaked, but the flavour didn’t change much.  The clients, jobs and team grew.

In 2021 Lander Geotechnical Consultants (Lander) joined LDE.  Lander was based in South Auckland and fitted nicely into LDE’s geographical spread.

LDE Future

LDE continues to grow with its wide range of interesting and challenging projects, its holistic approach to the technical advice, its lifestyle locations, and its great company culture.

LDE has no plans to expand into related property services, for example, surveying, architecture or planning. We prefer to specialise in our chosen field of engineering and scientific advice, striving to be the best we can be at this. There are enough engineering and scientific challenges to keep us busy.

Our team and clients have driven our regional reach and LDE will continue to expand.

LDE has enjoyed high staff retention over the years and our loyalty is to our team, and providing them with the challenges that they enjoy.

Broader Outcomes

The Regions

Unlike some companies that operate in the regions, the regions are our home.  Attracting talent to the regions is not always easy; however, we are often one of the more significant private recruiters of professional expertise, and we source services and products locally wherever possible.

Increasing Social Inclusion and Participation

LDE participates in an Engineering NZ initiative called the Wonder Project, designed to engage intermediate-aged kids in science, technology, engineering and maths.

Cultural & Climate

LDE has high cultural and climate awareness.  LDE take a holistic approach to engineering and collaboration with clients, contractors, and stakeholders throughout the design process, using resources sustainably to protect the sites’ environment and cultural integrity.

Giving Back

LDE undertakes discounted / pro bono engineering work for projects with substantial positive environmental outcomes (e.g. Ecosanctuaries and Native restoration projects).  We are also interested in supporting at-risk youth programmes, especially if they are coupled with environmental outcomes and lead to career pathways in our industry.  Please contact us if you have a project of this nature.

Charities LDE has Supported

The following are Charities LDE has supported:

  • Tairāwhiti Agroecology Recovery Programme (TARP).
    • TARP is designed to create and deliver programs resulting in land-based job opportunities and environmental restoration within the Tairāwhiti region for Māori.  Started by a local leader, who wanted to make a difference in the community, TARP has projects in Tairāwhiti that have regenerated areas with NZ native trees, shrubs and maara kai gardens from pest plants like hawthorn, wattle, heath, blackberry and other non-native-species.
  • ECT Rescue Helicopter Trust
  • The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation
  • Canteen
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • SPCA
  • Long Bush Ecological Restoration Trust
  • The Ride to Conquer Cancer
  • Unicef
  • Starship Hospital
  • St Johns
  • Gisborne Neonatal Unit.

LDE Affiliations

LDE is affiliated with the following industry bodies.

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About Us



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