Engineering Geology

Our Engineering Geologists are experts in working out what lies beneath the ground.
Engineering Geology

Why choose LDE?

A sound understanding of the broader geological setting, and controls, is essential to the success of any project interfacing with the ground.

LDE’s team of engineering geologists are experts in ground investigation, geological interpretation, geomorphology, and monitoring data capture. We combine these strengths in the development of robust ground models to understand geological risk, natural hazards and ground performance. With chartered Professional Engineering Geologists in all of our regions, you can be confident we have the expertise, focus and experience to help your project succeed.

Engineering Geology Capabilities

LDE excel in understanding the nature and causes of slope instability and can offer practical remedial solutions.  From small slips to major large-scale and deep-seated landslides – we can determine what makes them tick with a high level of accuracy.  We’ll identify, map and quantify geological risks, including active fault lines, so you can plan confidently.

  • Natural hazard and geological mapping
  • Geospatial analysis and GIS
  • Slope stability assessments
  • Ground modelling
  • Geomorphological mapping and ionterpretation
  • Landslide investigations and monitoring
  • Soil and rock slope design
  • Hazard mapping
  • Cuts and fills in difficult hillside terrain
  • Identifying and investigating active fault lines and seismic features
  • Terrain evaluation
  • Landfill site selection and assessments
  • Quarry design and resource mapping
  • Groundwater and aquifer monitoring and analysis
  • Ground subsidence assessment
  • Tunnel investigations and feasibility assessments
  • Dam site investigation and selection
  • Pond siting and investigations.

Engineering Geology Consulting Examples

LDE's Engineering Geology project examples include:

  • Desktop studies
  • Options Assessments
  • Aerial photograph interpretation
  • Detailed site investigations
  • Peer reviews
  • Pre-purchase assessments
  • Expert witness for Council
  • District Court and Environmental Court hearings
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