Coastal Engineering

Planning a project in a coastal area? We can assess your site and design marine structures that withstand the elements.
Coastal Engineering

Why choose LDE?

Our coastal/maritime engineers have the knowledge and experience in coastlines all over New Zealand, particularly in areas with a higher risk of tsunami and erosion.

LDE has a strong interest and knowledge of specific demands posed by marine and coastal engineering.  As engineering consultants, we provide specialist advice and design expertise to consider associated environmental challenges, impacts and degradation, such as waves, surges and saltwater.  From structural assessments and remediation options to specialist pier, pontoon and seawall design, our experienced team can provide asset-specific recommendations.

Coastal/Maritime Engineering Capabilities

LDE's Capabilities include:

  • Boat ramps, marinas and recreational facilities
  • Jetties and wharves
  • Boardwalks and walkways
  • Barge and pontoon - (Boat Launching and Swimming)
  • Beach access and parking
  • Access gangways
  • Load-out facilities
  • Ship-lifts, slipways and boat cradles
  • Seawalls and breakwaters and groynes
  • Dry docks and locks
  • Hardstand/pavements.

Coastal/Maritime Consulting Examples

LDE's project examples include:

  • Coastal erosion assessments
  • Assessments of the effects of sea-level rise
  • Coastal protection structure design and remediation
  • Marina condition assessment and design
  • Wharf design, consents, and structural repairs
  • Coastal consent, including building and resource consents
  • Construction monitoring
  • Structural capacity assessment of existing maritime structures
  • Condition surveys, asset management, corrosion studies and maintenance plans
  • Berthing analyses and mooring studies
  • Wave studies and determination of wave loads
  • Port planning and channel design
  • Facilitate environmental approvals process and studies
  • Design of temporary works
  • Dredging assessments and regulatory approvals
  • Demolition engineering for maritime facilities.
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