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Marina Pile Inspections

Westhaven Marina is the heart of boating in Tamaki Makaurau and is a short walk from the city centre.

LDE was engaged in providing an engineering condition assessment of the piles for the marina berths and the piles within the mooring areas of the Westhaven Marina.  These inspections were carried out in a small boat.

We undertook the visual inspection of the piles during the lowest tidal ranges, identifying any significant deterioration/defects that we considered either needed attention or should be monitored because of their condition.

Following these inspections, we provided a report outlining our findings (including photographs) and information about the defects found and their locations.  Additionally, we detailed any further investigation work required and/or recommendations about what actions may be necessary.

The report was split into three sections (piers A-J, piers K-X and the mooring piles) and included a breakdown of the pier, pier location, grade, and any additional notes

The pile grading system we used was

  • Grade 4 – should be replaced immediately
  • Grade 3 – should be monitored and replaced with 12 months
  • Grade 2 – likely to need replacing in the next 2-4 years
  • Grade 1 – showing small signs of deterioration (guide wear, small worm holes developing, or other minor damage) and likely to need replacing in 5 years
Location: Westhaven Marina, Auckland
Client: Auckland Waterfront Development Ltd

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