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Drilling Services

Drilling Services at LDE

LDE get quality data quickly with our CPT drilling rig and testing services. We have been in the drilling business since 2005.  With all this experience, we know how to produce exceptional data.  Our plots are perfect for geotechnical interpretation – clear information and a log of interpreted data calibrated to New Zealand standards give you everything needed to understand the site quickly.  We will undertake core logging for you if you wish.

Drilling Services Capabilities

LDE's Drilling Services capabilities include:

  • Hand Augers
  • Scala Penetrometers
  • Cone Penetrometer Testing
    • CPTu
    • DMT
    • sDMT Soundings
  •  Fully cored boreholes
  • Core logging services
  • Factual reports.

Our Rigs Have Unique Flexibility

Mobilisation costs can be a huge component of your project budget, so why waste it on moving lots of heavy equipment to the site?
For example, conventional Rigs require an excavator’s pre-arrangement/project management to cut in access tracks.  Our rigs are not limited to flat dry sites.  We can drill into landslides, down the bank, up the face, and other hard-to-access sites.

Another example is, that conventional set-ups often require three rigs on site for CPTs, boreholes and test pits.  LDE can have them all done from one rig quickly.  Get core to calibrate your CPT with direct push borehole technology, or simply dig some test pits with the excavator on the same day.


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