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Landslide Remediation

Anaura Road had continuously been affected by ongoing and significant land slippage, resulting in the frequent loss of carriageway width or total road loss as had now occurred.

LDE determined the engineering geology of two vast deep-seated landslides severing the road. Works included mapping out a 2km road alignment around the coastal landslides through steep and challenging terrain.

We presented several remedial options with outlined costs, benefits, and drawbacks.

The costs of the more permanent repair solutions were all significant compared to the do-nothing approach. However, this needed to be weighed up in terms of the long-term costs of maintaining the road in its current form.

A staged repair design was proposed with 4 separable portions to allow for budgeting and construction requirements.

Location: Anaura Bay, Tairawhiti, Gisborne
Client: Tairawhiti Roads (Waka Kotahi/Gisborne District Council)

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