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Structural Engineering

We offer complete and comprehensive structural engineering solutions, whether residential, commercial or specialist infrastructure projects.
Structural Engineering

Why choose LDE?

LDE’s structural team are specialists in their field, from assessments and strengthening options to specialist design and drafting expertise.

In addition to developing and improving systems for new and existing structures, our structural engineering also considers technical, economic, environmental, aesthetic and social aspects.

This ensures sound design outcomes, particularly with geotechnically challenging building sites.  We’ll work alongside you to determine the most practical and cost-effective structural design solutions.  Our approachable team will be with you every step of the way.

Structural Engineering Capabilities

LDE's Capabilities include:

  • Timber, steel, concrete, composite, masonry and glass structures
  • Rammed earth houses
  • Seismic and damage assessments, Initial Seismic Assessment (ISA), Detailed Seismic Assessment (DSA), Targeted Damage Evaluation (TDE)
  • Earthquake strengthening
  • Prestressed & post-stressed concrete floor design
  • Ribraft slab and raft foundation design
  • Deep pile and laterally loaded pile design
  • Retaining wall/Palisade wall design using timber, steel, masonry, concrete, reinforced earth and anchors
  • Beam, lintel, truss, frame & space frame design
  • Bridge assessments and bridge design
  • Building damage assessment after storms, earthquakes or gradual decline
  • Low damage design, base isolation
  • Deep basements, top-down construction.

Structural Engineering Consulting Examples

LDE's project examples include:

  • Structural analysis and design for commercial, industrial & residential buildings
  • Structural analysis and design for renovations, new builds & relocatable buildings
  • Pre-purchase assessment reports
  • Construction monitoring, inspections & certification
  • Design peer reviews
  • Expert witness.
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