Pāpāmoa Retail Development

As part of The Sands Town Centre development, LDE provided comprehensive structural design solutions for 1800m2 of space within the multi-tenanted retail development in Pāpāmoa East. The aim was to create a functional and resilient space through innovative structural elements.

The design included light gauge steel purlins, structural steel portal frames, and full-height precast concrete panels on a concrete foundation. Notably, the portal frames and foundations were specifically designed to accommodate seismic settlements at the ULS-level, effectively addressing liquefaction-related challenges.

Internal space optimisation was achieved using Korok walls for building partitions, enhancing structural integrity and improving interior layout efficiency. The project also included a 36m2 structural steel roof plant platform for functional design and space utilisation.

A key feature of this project was the use of BIM360 for effective coordination among the architects, services engineers, and the client to ensure a well-coordinated design process, minimising potential issues and enhancing overall project efficiency. 

Location: Pāpāmoa, Tauranga
Client: Bluehaven Group


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