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Our suite of Environmental Scientists offer the full spectrum of environmental expertise
Environmental Engineering

Why choose LDE?

LDE are Land and Water Environmental Science and Engineering experts. We have extensive experience in:

Land Contamination Remediation

Why Use LDE Environmental – Land Contamination Remediation services

Our highly skilled Scientists are ‘suitably qualified and experienced practitioners’ (SQEPs) and chartered environmental practitioners (CEnvP) who can provide you with technical advice at the forefront of legislation, guidance and the industry’s best practice.  We will find cost-effective solutions for your land issues.

Developing, subdividing, carrying out earthworks, or otherwise changing your land use may require a Preliminary or Detailed Site Assessment (PSI/DSI) to determine if your land has been exposed to harmful material according to the National Environmental Standard for Assessing and Managing Contaminants in Soil to Protect Human Health (NESCS), Regional and Unitary Council Plans and the Contaminated Land Management Guidelines (CLMG).

Preliminary Site Investigations (PSI’s) establish if your property has or has previously had a HAIL (Hazardous Activities and Industries List) land use on or around it.  The HAIL details the operations likely to cause land contamination due to hazardous substance use, storage or disposal.

If your property is identified as having a HAIL activity undertaken on it a DSI report will likely need to be undertaken.

The DSI will quantify the contaminant levels and the subsequent strategy for dealing with it.  This may be do nothing and your project can continue if the levels are low enough.

Where contaminants are found in levels above the Ministry for the Environment (MfE) accepted levels, in consultation with you the client mitigation, steps will be put in place to support your project while meeting all necessary compliance requirements.  A Remediation Action Plan (RAP) followed by a Site Management Plan (SMP) and Site Validation Report (SVR) are just some of the services we offer.

Don’t get caught out with contaminated land halting your project.  Our experienced environmental services team will help you navigate the process, from testing to resource consent application, and ensure your project complies with National Environmental Standards (NES).

LDE also offers a quick and efficient Soil Quality Investigation (SQI) to inform on various offsite disposal options.  An SQI can be conducted before earthworks commence or on stockpiles of soil already excavated from a development, considering the MfE Landfill Waste Acceptance Criteria and WasteMINZ Technical Guidelines for Disposal to Land.

Client consulting engagement examples include:

  • Soil contamination and HAIL assessments
  • Preliminary Site Investigations (PSIs)
  • Detailed Site Investigations (DSIs)
  • Site Management Plan (SMP)
  • Assessment of Remedial Options (ARO)
  • Remedial Options Report (ROR)
  • Remedial Action Plan (RAP)
  • Site Validation Report (SVR)
  • Ongoing Site Management Plan (OSMP)
  • Routine Monitoring Reports (RMR)
  • Clean and managed fill assessments
  • Landfills assessments
  • Soil Quality Investigations (SQI)
  • Input to resource consent applications
  • Peer reviews
  • Due diligence and pre-purchase assessments
  • Expert witness

LDE’s Environmental -Land Contamination Specialities

LDE are specialists in a diverse range of contaminated sites, including:

  • Petroleum
  • Former market gardens
  • Horticultural sites
  • Timber treatment sites
  • Former gasworks sites
  • Pesticide storage depots
  • Landfills
  • Asbestos impacted soils

Asbestos contamination has become a significant problem in New Zealand.  Asbestos in soils pose an inhalation risk to exposed populations.  Land converted to residential use puts families in danger of exposure through building, renovations, and gardening, so testing for asbestos before significant projects is essential.

Our Environmental specialists often work in multi-disciplinary teams with other professionals to ensure successful project outcomes. 


Water Quality & Freshwater Ecology

Our highly skilled Scientists provide you with technical advice at the forefront of legislation, guidance and the industry’s best practice.  We will find cost-effective solutions for your water issues.

Water Contamination Capabilities

LDE's Water Contamination project examples include:

  • Supporting material for resource management applications
  • Surface water and groundwater quality investigations
  • Stormwater and wastewater – contaminant discharge management
  • Stormwater, wastewater, and groundwater contaminant assessment of effects
  • Compliance Monitoring for Groundwater, Stormwater, Industrial and Trade Waste
  • Stormwater Diversion and Discharge Consents.

Freshwater Ecology Capabilities

LDE's Preliminary Freshwater Ecological Assessments can cover:

  • Habitat and physical characteristics
  • Macrophytes
  • Periphyton Cover
  • Aquatic macroinvertebrates
  • Fish from eDNA analysis
  • Water quality assessment against ANZECC water quality guidelines
  • Sediment quality assessment against ANZECC sediment quality guidelines.

LDE has strong relationships with freshwater ecologists who can provide further expertise and advice as required.

Water Contamination & Freshwater Ecology Consulting Examples

Our Environmental specialists often work in multi-disciplinary teams with other professionals to ensure successful project outcomes.  LDE can offer various complementary services such as engineering geology and civil engineering to undertake such work as:

  • Stormwater management, treatment, and hydrological modelling
  • Onsite wastewater system design
  • Accredited farm effluent system design
  • Sewage and Dairy effluent pond design
  • Surface and groundwater quality testing, analysis and remediation.

Combining these competencies and complementary services ensures that we can address multiple requirements for our clients.

Environmental Compliance Monitoring

Industry, businesses, councils often have operations which result in discharges into the environment in the form of groundwater, surface water and air discharges.  To ensure discharges minimise environmental impacts, discharge permits are issued that can include conditions for regular monitoring, reporting and improvement.

LDE’s team of experts can prepare and negotiate monitoring regimes and undertake regular compliance monitoring and reporting to address discharge permit conditions and Council bylaw monitoring requirements.

Compliance Monitoring Capabilities

LDE's Environmental Compliance Monitoring Capabilities include:

  • Compliance Monitoring for Groundwater, Stormwater, Industrial and Trade Waste, and Discharges to Air
  • Designing and implementing environmental monitoring programs
  • Environmental Management Plans (EMP)
  • Spill Response Plans (SRP)
  • Trade Waste Management Plans.


LDEs team of environmental scientists have extensive experience with asbestos in both soils and in buildings. We are currently able to provide services for Class B and Asbestos Related Work with the aim of expanding our services to Class A Work. LDE can complete investigations for asbestos in soils and buildings and advise on remedial works so that it meets the New Zealand Guidelines for Asbestos in Soils and Health and Safety at Work (Asbestos) Regulations 2016.

LDE’s Asbestos Capabilities

LDE can offer asbestos services such as:

  • Asbestos in soils assessment against the New Zealand Guidelines for Asbestos in Soils
  • Asbestos in buildings surveys
  • Asbestos Air Monitoring and Clearance Inspection for Asbestos Related Work and Class B Asbestos Removal.

Geospatial Services

LDE utilise geospatial analysis to solve geospatially complex problems.  We have the capability to gather, display, and manipulate geospatial data such as aerial imagery, historical information and GPS coordinates with associated attribute data within our environmental team. Examples of geospatial work completed by team members include modelling of contaminant levels in soil and groundwater, land use and landcover assessments, catchment sizing and stormwater flow calculations, slope impact assessments, needs analysis and assessment for irrigation, refuse and septage services, and wetland development.  The team are proficient in QGIS and ArcGIS software and online tools.

LDE’s Geospatial Capabilities

LDE can offer the following geospatial services:

  • Dataset Creation and Manipulation
  • GIS Modelling
  • Needs Analysis and Assessment
  • Data Collection, Input and Conversion
  • 3D Analysis and Modelling
  • Spatial Analysis
  • Network Analysis
  • Database Design
  • Digital Mapping and Cartography
  • Online geospatial tools (ArcGIS Online)

Acid Sulphate Soils

LDE provide acid sulphate soils assessments and acid sulphate management plans for susceptible areas. The assessment includes field pH and pH(fox) assessments, as well as laboratory analysis for Chromium Reducible Sulfur (CrS) and Suspension and Peroxide Combined Acidity and Sulphate (SPOCAS). Groundwater samples will also be collected and analysed as part of the assessment.  All results are compiled into a factual report. An acid sulphate management plan is developed to identify how acidic soils can be avoided, minimised and/or neutralised to prevent harm to infrastructure and the environment.


LDE’s Acid Sulphate Soil Capabilities

LDE's Acid Sulphate Soil Capabilities include:

  • pH and pH(fox) field assessment
  • CrS (Chromium Reducible Sulfur) analysis along with SPOCAS analysis
  • Groundwater acidity assessments
  • Acid Sulphate Soil Reporting
  • Acid Sulphate Management Plans

Advisory Services

LDE’s Environmental Advisory Services Capabilities

LDE offers Environmental Advisory Services such as:

  • Carbon footprint assessments and management
  • Project-specific environmental engineering
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