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Pōuto Wharf Design and Build

As part of the wider Kaipara Kickstart Programme, LDE (in partnership with STF Group) won the tender for the $29 million Pōuto Wharf Design and Build project.


Pōuto is a remote location, situated an hour from Dargaville, and considered one of Northland’s most challenging harbour environments.  LDE worked with the feasibility engineers to propose and develop an alternative location for the wharf where the water dropped away to 4m directly in front of the structure. The new location was ideal for the wharf head, with lower tidal currents and less exposure for safer vessel berthing and passenger movement.


Despite being well-rehearsed in working in remote areas, we proactively established a programme early to ensure efficiencies when considering site visits and construction monitoring. We also actively managed the extra H&S requirements with the Contractor by coordinating and considering the remoteness in Safety in Design.  We utilised technology where possible to gain efficiencies. We set information and QA data-sharing standards with the Contractor to maximise the outcomes of Engineers going to the site.


In addition to the design of the 60m-long wharf head and walkway structure itself, we incorporated landside area design for paths, steps, armourstone revetment, a piled concrete abutment and allowances for storm surges.


We consider a significant value add to be the extensive collaborative history between STF and LDE, resulting in years of shared “lessons learned” and “best practices” from numerous similar projects. This not only ensured cost efficiencies but also promoted safe, efficient, and budget-conscious project delivery.


The official opening took place at the Wharf on Friday 7th June, attracting a good turnout of attendees who came to celebrate the occasion.


Read more about the opening: New $2.9 million Pouto wharf provides vital link for Kaipara district – NZ Herald

Location: Pōuto Point, Kaipara Harbour
Client: Kaipara District Council

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