Pollard House

LDE was engaged to assist with the design of a large exclusive upmarket 2 million dollar hillside house. Specific services included a detailed geotechnical investigation to assist with the siting of the house, followed by detailed structural engineering of the reinforced concrete structure and supporting piled foundations and palisade retaining walls.

Given the house was located on landslide terrane, in-depth geotechnical and structural analysis was required, particularly in addressing the potential for land movement associated with large earthquakes. The house's wastewater treatment system also required careful consideration and design as did the stormwater disposal, to not worsen the stability of the hillside.

Our report summarised the geotechnical investigation findings of that site, the nature and strength distribution of the soils and rock beneath it, our assessment of its stability, and geotechnical recommendations to assist with the architectural engineering design of the house on the site. 

LDE worked closely with the Auckland-based property owners, enabling them to obtain consent to build their dream home on this difficult and challenging site. Creative thinking and attention to detail were key to getting building consent approval and construction.

Location: Gisborne
Client: Keiran and Ming Pollard

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