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Sandspit Wharf Upgrades

Sandspit is a settlement in the Auckland region, located on the Mahurangi Peninsula.  The Sandspit wharf is the main public wharf for ferries and private vessels to access Kawau Bay and Kawau Island.

Following a preliminary report from a third party, LDE was asked to provide structural input into the required strengthening of the main wharf area.  The purpose was to ensure it could accommodate heavy vehicles up to 12 tons, which is the size of the mini fuel tanker used to refuel vessels.

The wharf had a sign limiting the maximum vehicle weight to 10-ton gross weight and would therefore require strengthening design work of approximately 34m to accommodate the additional loading.

We visually inspected the wharf, including site measurements of the accessway section.  To increase the wharf loading capacity, we recommended reducing the joist spans and installing additional piles and bearers the same size as the existing ones.

Bollard and fender design and a section for the wharf infill were also part of the upgrades.


Location: Sandspit, Mahurangi
Client: Auckland Transport / STF Ltd

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