WET Mill Project

LDE was engaged to undertake a ground investigation for a proposed building and extension to an existing building at the Prime sawmill at 195 Dunstan Road, Gisborne.  The scope included a geotechnical investigation and structural engineering of foundations and the structure.

The purpose of the investigation was to determine geotechnical recommendations for the design and construction of the proposed buildings in accordance with the Gisborne District Council Requirements and the 2004 Building Act. 

A building consent level report was supplied to the client and included a summary of the findings and site-specific engineering recommendations which addressed any geotechnical issues such as the potential for settlement.  Additionally, the report outlined foundation options for the buildings, including depth, bearing capacities and the need for verifications checks by suitably qualified person/s.

Location: Dunstan Rd, Gisborne
Client: WET Gisborne Ltd


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