East Cape Road MSE/Revetment

LDE was engaged in support of the client to deliver the remediation of East Cape Road along the “Te Araroa Bluffs”. 

The long-term security and resilience of the subject road had already been assessed as part of a single-stage business case. The assessment found a staged approach was the preferred option. Firstly, strengthening the Te Araoa bluffs and implementing tourism strategies over the next 10 years. Secondly, assessing the growth and, if warranted, strengthening additional bluffs or road realignment options.

This contract’s specific objective was to construct revetment sections along East Cape Road at sites east of Te Araroa. The works are to mitigate erosion and subsequent undermining of East Cape Road. The new revetment sections interface with existing revetments.

LDE was to complete the detailed engineering design, prepare the contract and tender documents and administer the works. Our proposed work scope included;

  • Undertake a desktop review of the sites based on existing information
  • Prepare design documentation for installation of a rock revetment and minor fill at the toe of the slope
  • Prepare construction drawings.
  • Prepare safety in design.
  • Provide technical specifications for the proposed works
  • Prepare schedule of quantities and engineers’ estimate for the proposed works
  • Prepare contract and tender documents.
  • Evaluate the tenders.
  • MSQA services.

All completed work is in accordance with industry standards, the conditions of the resource consent, and as specified in construction drawings.

Location: Te Araroa
Client: Tairawhiti Roads (Waka Kotahi/Gisborne District Council)

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