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Harapaki Wind Farm Geotechnical Assessments

he client commissioned LDE to conduct a risk-based geotechnical assessment and overview for the proposed Harapaki Wind Farm Project (previously referred to as Maungaharuru WFP). While the overall concept for constructing the proposed 43-turbine Wind Farm was robust, the complex geology and topography of the site posed geotechnical risks and uncertainties that needed to be better quantified as the project progressed through detailed design.

LDE assessed and summarised all previous geotechnical investigations undertaken on the site to devise a cost-effective and risk-based methodology to address the most significant issues. The work programme involved various geotechnical investigation techniques to provide tailored and best-for-project information, considering site access challenges. The results provided key information to help improve the understanding of the site, helped quantify the geotechnical risks associated with the wind turbine locations and civil works in general and used to optimise the cut and fill requirements for the bulk earthworks design.

Location: Te Pohue, Hawkes Bay
Client: Meridian Energy

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