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Clevedon Water Supply and Wastewater Servicing

Following the new Structure Plan approved by Auckland Council for Clevedon, it is proposed to have a potable water supply reticulated and a wastewater collection system. The project includes new water and wastewater lines to connect into existing infrastructure near Takanini.

Our involvement has included investigating the ground conditions along the proposed alignments for the water and wastewater lines along with pump station locations through variable ground conditions comprising of peats and inorganic alluvium.

This has included the drilling of in excess of 50 hand auger and machine boreholes along the verge of live road corridors. Our subsequent reports have been provided within the requirements of the clients timeframes and budget and the findings of our investigations have identified geotechnical risks and groundwater conditions, and interpreted parameters have been used as inputs into the design of the infrastructure and alignments.

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