Gisborne District Courthouse Expansion

LDE was engaged by the client to provide geotechnical engineering information and advice in relation to the proposed alternations and additions for the existing Gisborne District Court property.  A multi-level building similar in size to the existing building was proposed for the site. We provided geotechnical services for two stages: being

  • Stage 1 - Concept Design Stage and
  • Stage 2 - Detailed Design and Construction

We carried out natural hazards and detailed building-specific geotechnical investigations for an IL3 structure, including foundation design recommendations.  Borehole and penetrometer tests were a part of the subsurface methodology.

Following the subsurface investigations, a full engineering geological model was developed in conjunction with the wider LDE geotechnical engineering database to undertake liquefaction, stability, bearing capacity, and settlement calculations. The summary report detailed a full description of the engineering geology, including groundwater considerations, conclusions and recommendations drawn from the various analyses.

In addition to meeting the minimum requirements of the Gisborne District Council and Building Code and Building Act requirements, we completed the client’s project objectives.

Location: Customhouse Street, Gisborne
Client: Ministry of Justice

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