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Napier War Memorial Restoration

LDE conducted a comprehensive geotechnical investigation and oversaw construction monitoring for the Napier War Memorial Reinstatement Project (NWMRP) at the Napier War Memorial Centre on Marine Parade. Our key objectives were to develop a ground model of the site, provide detailed foundation design recommendations, and assess any geohazards relevant to the site’s redevelopment. Subsequently, we provided construction monitoring and certification of the geotechnical site works.

A crucial project component involved expanding the southwest corner of the Napier War Memorial Centre, which included incorporating two pools at different heights. These pools were connected by a basalt-paved walkway, supporting a steel-framed canopy and the eternal flame. After discussions with the project’s structural engineers and careful review of the provided drawings, it was determined that masonry block retaining walls on ring-beam/concrete strip footings would sufficiently support the pool edges and walkway structure. According to the design features report, the structure was classified as Importance Level 2 (IL2).

Throughout the project, LDE ensured strict adherence to our geotechnical investigation and our recommended guidelines.  Consequently, the newly renovated centre reopened in early August 2023.

The Napier War Memorial Restoration | Napier City Council

Location: Marine Parade, Napier
Client:  Napier City Council C/- Designgroup Stapleton Elliot


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