The Grange Estate

Having previously been engaged for engineering services for the commercial portion of the development they were already undertaking, the client required civil engineering design and supervision services to develop a subdivision adjacent to that commercial development (50-lot total).  The 1.74-hectare property was to be developed into a residential estate to include duplexes and single-house lots and the installation of all the required services.

We provided specific engineering design work, including;

  • Stormwater management for a SMAF1 zone
  • 180m long Raingarden
  • 300m3 underground detention tank
  • Roading, earthworks, stormwater, wastewater and water supply infrastructure

The design considered future development within the subdivision and was incorporated into completed reticulation designs as much as possible.  Due to the nature of the project, liaison and approval were needed from Watercare, Auckland Transport and Auckland Council to ensure all parties were satisfied that the proposed designs met all specification requirements.

In addition to engineering design, LDE managed the preparation of tender and contract documentation, construction supervision and engineering completion certification to ensure the project’s success.

Location: Warkworth

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