Environmental Engineering

Our suite of environmental engineers and scientists cover the full spectrum of environmental expertise.

Combat Contamination

Planning on subdividing, carrying out earthworks, or otherwise changing your land use? Oftentimes, this means you’ll need a Preliminary or Detailed Site Assessment (PSI/DSI) to determine if your land is contaminated.

PSI’s establish if your property currently has or has previously had a HAIL 2 activity present on or around it. The Hazardous Activities and Industries List (HAIL) details the operations that are likely to cause land contamination resulting from hazardous substance use, storage or disposal.
If your property shows evidence of these, DSI soil testing will need to be carried out, and you will need to apply for resource consent.

Don’t get caught out with a contaminated property, halting your project. Our experienced
the environmental engineering team will help you navigate the process, from testing to resource consent application, ensuring that your project complies with council requirements.
We know the ground and we know what contaminates it. If contaminants surpass acceptable levels, we will work with you to provide a practical, cost-effective solution.

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Asbestos contamination has become a significant problem in New Zealand. Increasingly, asbestos materials are leaching the ground and posing a serious risk to exposed populations. Land converted to residential use puts families in danger of exposure through building, renovations and gardening, which is why it’s essential to test for asbestos before major projects.

As part of our PSI & DSI’s, we test for asbestos in soil, compare results to national safety thresholds and have a comprehensive system for treatment and removal options.
As the effects of asbestos exposure become clearer, it’s now more important than ever to test and treat.

Environmental sustainability

Environmental sustainability principles are central to our work and embedded within our environmental engineering designs. We work with the environment using sustainable natural solutions wherever possible rather than hard and fast - and often more costly - engineering structures.

See us for:

  • Soil and groundwater contamination assessments
  • Hazardous Activities and Industries List (HAIL) assessments
  • Stormwater management Preliminary Site Investigations (PSIs)
  • Detailed Site Investigations (DSIs)
  • Contaminated land treatment design
  • Stormwater management, treatment and hydrological modeling
  • Onsite wastewater system design
  • Sewage Ponds
  • Accredited farm effluent system design
  • Dairy effluent pond design
  • Surface and groundwater quality testing, analysis and remediation
  • Vegetation surveys and revegetation schemes
  • Carbon footprint assessments
  • And project-specific environmental engineering!
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Project Experience

Childcare centre

Location: Gisborne
Client: Confidential
Detailed contamination investigation including asbestos

Proposed school at former holiday park

Location: Hastings
Client: Ministry of Education
Preliminary and detailed contamination investigation.

Proposed school at former horticultural site

Location: Hastings
Client: Ministry of Education
Preliminary and detailed contamination investigation.

Subdivision of horticultural site

Location: 412 Nottingley Road, Hastings
Client: Jenness Clark
Preliminary and detailed contamination investigation. Site was tested for heavy metals and persistent pesticides associated with the former land use and was within the MfE human health guidelines for a residential site.

Subdivision of horticultural site

Location: Whangarei
Client: Confidential
Preliminary contamination investigation.

Hydrocarbon Investigation of mechanical vehicle workshop

Location: Close proximity to coast in Northland
Client: Confidential
Investigation of long-term hydrocarbon spillage at site. PSI and DSI concluded that the remediation of the site is required which will include removal of contaminated aggregate to land fill.

PSI and DSI for Northland subdivision

Location: Northland
Client: Confidential
Poorly demolished building site required PSI and DSI before subdivision. Number of HAIL activities on site including asbestos contamination. Extensive remediation is required before the site can be suitable for the proposed residential subdivision.

DSI for building site

Location: Gisborne
Client: Confidential
DSI for former bitumen plant site.

PSIs and DSIs

Location: Nationwide
Client: Confidential
Numerous PSIs and DSIs identifying significant HAIL activities.

Dairy effluent pond

Location: Mangatawhiri, North Waikato
Client: Marphona Farms
Design guidance and advice for large 4m deep pond