The LDE structural team has a high level of design experience from simple retaining walls to complex multi-storey buildings

Structural engineering deals with the many physical aspects of a building/retaining wall/other structure and defines how they act together to transmit combined forces right down to the foundations. The LDE structural team can help you through each and all stages of structure design.

Have a look through our menu to see our different areas of expertise in structural engineering. If you have any questions, please give us a call or send us an email, and we will be more than happy to help. From simple retaining walls to complex multi-storey buildings, our structures team has a high level of experience.

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Planning – what you want vs. what your chosen site can accept. We can help you understand the right building type for your situation
Analysis – we can analyse your building design to see how it will function under loads e.g. wind, seismic events etc. and more importantly, if it will stay up
Element Design – we can design each specific member of your building e.g. each steel beam, concrete column, timber strut etc.
Detail – we can create detailed drawings for your building that will inform your construction team how it will be built on site, and what size, quantities and types of materials are needed for your structure
Specification – we can specify from a design, the standard and types of materials to be used in your structure
Construction – we can supervise the construction of your building and inspect it to ensure it follows the design