Geotechnical Engineering

Getting the site right is one thing, but you’ll need the right numbers too.

Building from the ground up

Our ethos is the cross pollination of science and engineering. With LDE you have ground engineering you can rely on, backed by Chartered Professional Engineers specialising in geotechnical engineering.

Foundations are our forte

From shallow raft foundations to deep laterally loaded piles, we’ll work out the best solution for your project and its underlying ground conditions and constraints.

Practical solutions

Providing practical solutions is one of our core principles. Your site might be plagued with geotechnical issues, but we’ll find a way to make it work - and at the lowest possible cost.

Our expertise includes:

  • Geotechnical investigations
  • Optimum site location
  • Landslides and slip assessment, stabilisation and mitigation
  • Liquefaction assessment and minimisation
  • Lateral spreading assessment and deformation mitigation
  • Understanding your ground settlement risk
  • Preload fill design to minimise settlement
  • Designing and certifying your earthworks
  • Geotechnical parameter analysis
  • Bearing capacity reports
  • Shallow foundations
  • Deep pile foundations
  • TC2 and TC3 foundation design
  • Tsunami resilient foundation and building design
  • Cut and fill slope gradient design
  • Slope retention and retaining walls
  • Palisade wall / soldier pile wall design
  • Ground improvement design
  • Stone columns, rammed aggregate piers, cement columns
  • Lime stabilisation
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Project Experience

Parkbridge Apartments

Location: 138 Park Terrace, Christchurch
Client: Ngai Tahu
Geotech investigation for two multi-level buildings underlain by compressible ground with lateral spread potential. Project required deep pile analysis and design inputs.

Otahtahi Apartments

Location: 291-293 St Asaph St, Christchurch
Client: Otautahi Education Development Trust
Geotechnical investigations for two 5- storey apartment buildings. Site prone to liquefaction requiring deep piles

101-104 The Square

Location: 101-104 The Square Palmerston North
Client: BM Sutton Holdings Pty Ltd
Geotechnical investigation report in relation to seismic strengthening of building foundations, including site-specific design spectra study.

Preventative Maintenance Landslide investigations

Location: Far North
Client: FNDC
LDE investigated and determined remedial solutions for tens of large landslides affecting parts of the FNDC roading network.

2014 Landslide assessments and investigations

Location: Far North
Client: FNDC
A team of 8 assessed 380 landslides affecting the FNDC roading network caused by a major rainfall event. Of these over 100 were investigated in detail and remedial designs determined.

Mahia Wastewater Treatment Ponds

Location: Mahia Beach, Mahia Peninsula
Client: Wairoa District Council
A comprehensive geotechnical investigation was undertaken and creative solutions provided for sewage ponds underlain by soft compressible ground surrounded by unstable hillsides.

2013 flood event landslide investigations and remedial design

Location: Gisborne City
Client: Gisborne District Council
Geotechnical investigations and remedial design solutions were carried out for several deep seated landslides caused by a significant rainfall event.

Waipaoa River Stopbank Assessment

Location: Poverty Bay Flats
Client: Hawkes Bay Regional Council
Geotechnical investigations, stability assessment and liquefaction-induced damage assessment of 50km of stopbanks.

New Kawakawa Hospital

Location: Kawakawa
Client: Northland District Health Board / Ngati Hine Health Trust
Geotechnical investigations for a new 40m x 60m hospital building.

Commercial building investigations

Location: Christchurch CBD
Client: Various
Geotechnical investigations for numerous commercial buildings underlain by liquefiable ground.

CCC Heritage Building Geotechnical investigations

Location: Christchurch
Client: Christchurch City Council
Geotechnical investigations for numerous CCC heritage buildings, including Canterbury Provincial Chambers, Edmond Band Rotunda, Mona Vale, Riccarton House and Rose Historic Chapel.

Bentonite Mine material quality assessment

Location: Kanakanaia Road, Gisborne
Client: Bentonite NZ
Detailed analysis of the chemical and mechanical properties of bentonite and its use for effluent pond lining, agricultural, and drilling products.

Geotechnical Investigation For New Tkkm O Ngati Kahungunu School

Location: 41 Kitchener Street, Wairoa
Client: Ministry of Education
Geotechnical investigations for this award winning school.

Beetham Village

Location: 8 Beetham Ave, Gisborne
Client: Beetham Village Ltd
Geotechnical investigations for overall development, hospital, swimming pool, and numerous townhouses.

TKKM O Nga Uri A Maui School

Location: 349 Nelson Road, Gisborne
Client: Ministry of Education / TKKM O Nga Uri A Maui School
Geotechnical investigation for co-educational, Kura Kaupapa Maori school.

St Marys Catholic School

Location: Campion Road, Gisborne
Client: The Roman Catholic Bishop of Hamilton
Geotechnical investigations for new primary school, college gym, and college classrooms.

Tolaga Bay Area School Redevelopment

Location: Tolaga Bay
Client: Ministry of Education/ Babbage Architecture
Geotechnical investigations for extensive redevelopment of school underlain by liquefiable ground.

Kaeo Biofiltration Plant Geotechnical investigation

Location: Kaeo
Client: FNDC
Geotechnical investigation for biofiltration plant underlain by variable ground. Determination of differential settlement was a critical component.

Donald Road Bridge

Location: Kaitaia
Client: FNDC
Geotechnical investigations for new bridge foundations requiring deep piles

Crosses Road Bridge

Location: Havelock North
Client: MWH NZ Ltd
Geotechnical investigations for bridge extension. Liquefaction and lateral spreading were significant constraints to overcome.

Edgewater Dams Geotechnical Assessment

Location: Whatuwhiwhi, Northland
Client: CPG
Geotechnical assessment of the stability of two 5m high earthdams

Sang Dam Geotechnical Investigations

Location: Waingaki, Gisborne
Client: GDC
Geotechnical investigation of 15m high earthdam affected by land movement and underlain by active fault.

Gisborne District Courthouse Expansion

Location: Customhouse Street, Gisborne
Client: Ministry of Justice
Natural Hazards and detailed building specific geotechnical investigation for IL3 structure, including foundation design recommendations.

Cool Storage Expansion

Location: 93 Waioka Road, Opotiki
Client: OPAC
Detailed geotechnical investigation focussing on liquefaction risk and consolidation settlement risk under heavy building loads, including foundation design solutions.

DoC Visitor Centre

Location: Lake Waikaremoana
Client: Department of Conservation
Geotechnical investigation for challenging site with variable ground conditions, compressible soils, slope instability risk and high potential for seismic liquefaction and lateral spreading.

Hihitahi Rise Landslide

Location: Bay of Islands
Client: Far North District Council
Geotechnical investigation and stabilisation of large scale deep seated suburban landslide